Creating ideas is just the first step!

Ideas need Owners

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By default, the original creator of an idea is assigned ownership. Idea owners are responsible for encouraging comments and suggestions on the idea from subject matter experts and people with different perspectives, for considering those comments, and for refining the idea. Owners are also responsible for ensuring all fields are completed and that the idea is ready to be submitted as a fully-developed problem statement for funding consideration.

If you do not wish to be the owner of an idea, or you want to own an idea that has no owner, make your request as a comment to IdeaHub, and we will make the assignment change.

IdeaHub Mentors

Don't forget that you can contact us at any time with questions. In addition, we have a team of mentors. IdeaHub mentors are industry practitioners who are familiar with ACRP and IdeaHub and have expertise is particular airport-related topics. Mentors are eager to assist. Click here for a list of mentors.

If you are interested in becoming an IdeaHub mentor, submit your application today.