Creating new ideas is just the first step!

Ideas need Owners, and we need you!

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In IdeaHub, we've made it easy to create and share your idea. From that simple starting point, the strength of the community discussion can give any idea a chance to develop into a great idea. But that's just the first step. We need someone to "Own" the idea, which means someone to build a team of like-minded people, see that it develops into a full and quality problem statement, and formally submit it to ACRP for project consideration.

The Idea Owner is an important role to play in IdeaHub. Here's how it works...

Any idea can be "Owned" by anyone. The idea creator may choose to own it and, through collaboration, develop it into a problem statement. Or, just as likely, the idea creator may leave it to others to develop. So, you may see lots of ideas without owners, and if you see one that captures your interest, consider owning that idea.

Becoming an Idea Owner is simple, if you want to adopt an idea and guide it through the collaboration-discussion process just ask a Topic-Moderator to be the owner or send a message to @IdeaHub and we'll make you the Owner. As the owner of an idea you commit to developing a team and collaborating with others to refine the idea by completing a few additional fields and revising previous fields as needed. When it's ready, the last step is to submit the now fully-developed problem statement to ACRP for project consideration

Own an idea today!