You're not alone!

Idea Mentors are here to help!

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IdeaHub is simple and easy to navigate. You can scan through the ideas that have been created by others, create and share your own idea, and adopt an idea as the Owner and collaborate with others to develop a quality problem statement for ACRP project consideration. As easy as IdeaHub is, we also are building a corps of volunteers, our Idea Mentors, to help navigate through IdeaHub successfully.

Idea Mentors will be trained to help you understand the elements of a high-quality problem statement and the key criteria used to evaluate the problem statement. Knowing what's important in our evaluation and having a mentor's insight on our process will help you refine your idea into a quality problem statement.

These subject matter experts have volunteered to help you make your idea the best it can be. They know the research topic and will suggest ways that you can refine key elements, address evaluation criteria, and transform your idea into a quality problem statement. Reach out to an Idea Mentor, they can help you achieve success.

Interested in becoming an Idea Mentor?

Anyone can volunteer to become an Idea Mentor. Watch this 3½ minute video. Then, it's simple, just submit your application today.

Mentor Introduction from ACRP IdeaHub on Vimeo.

Or, if you have questions ask a Topic-Moderator or send a message to @IdeaHub and we'll talk you through the steps to become a mentor. Idea Mentors self-identify as subject matter experts in certain topic areas and also have deeper insight into ACRP's project selection process through mentor training. As an Idea Mentor you commit to helping others within the IdeaHub community collaborate and refine their idea into a quality problem statement. You will share process insight and offer suggestions to improve their idea.