Earthquake Early Warning System

The USGS will be releasing the Earthquake Early Warning System for public use in 2018. All airports in the west will need to understand how this will directly impact shutdown of critical infrastructure, alerting to the public and changes in the airport safety systems.

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Owner: Mark O'Connor

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Perimeter Security Control and Incident Response

Guidebook on measures to safeguard airport users, staff and facilities by effectively controlling access to airport property through surveillance of the perimeter fencing and by rapid and effective responses to unauthorized penetrations. While this examination of modern security systems would focus on anti-terrorist and anti-criminal activity it should also consider the applications of such systems to wildlife control ...more »

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Busing Resources for Aircraft Emergencies and Transportation Outages

To determine best practices for providing backup transportation within an airport for the following situations:

- Aircraft emergencies, where passengers must deplane an aircraft and be bused to a terminal

- Planned and unplanned outages of alternative intra-airport transportation systems such as trains.

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Owner: Nate Kimball

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Lessons learned from the recent hurricanes

While there is existing guidance on emergency planning and business continuity for airport operation, the recent storms to hit the gulf and eastern coasts have presented different challenges in airport operations. The project would pull lessons learned from airports effected by the damages of the storms as well as external factors that may not be under airport control. examples: - Loss of NAVIADS - The airport has power ...more »

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