Intersecting Runways - Best Practices for Grade Design

FAA design guidance regarding grade issues for intersecting runways leaves a fair amount of discretion to the design engineer. This topic will seek to provide additional guidance regarding gradient requirements and best practices.

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Human Resources

Human Factors in Airport Operations

A synthesis that identifies and describes the cognitive abilities used in airfield operations. The synthesis would identify methods for mitigating risks inherent to human performance and would identify best practices for developing or improving these abilities.

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Optimizing Airfield Snow Removal

"The objective of this project is to research best practices focused on managing the resources at airports to optimize the number of runways and taxiways that can be kept open during winter storms. The guidelines should include using process optimization to reduce variation caused by unpredictable weather events and computer simulation analyses to optimize the number of equipment needed, resources required, and optimize ...more »

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Advanced Airport Stormwater Management Training

The objective of this research project is to develop more topic-specific in-depth training courses and materials to build upon the courses developed under the 02-61 project to create an “Airport Stormwater 201” curriculum.

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