Develop Protocol for Carbon Offset by using Vegetarian Food in Airports and Aircrafts

Perform economic, environmental and social benefits analysis of using plant based diet in airports and flights. Industrial meat, poultry, and dairy production has a huge footprint of resource consumption--energy, water, and land. As a result the practice produces air, water and land pollution. The practice also causes human health related deceases. A triple Bottom Line analysis of low carbon plant based food usage ...more »

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Sustainable Aviation Jet Fuel Economic Benefits Toolkit for Airports

Develop a spreadsheet tool and user guidebook for airports to quantify the non-energy benefits of SAJF in their region, to enable more accurate and comprehensive benefit-cost analysis for investment and policy decision-making.

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Identifying Viable Techniques for Modifying NextGen Flight Track Design to Reduce Community Noise Exposure and Annoyance

This research would examine several examples where implementation of Metroplex or other procedures has resulted in widespread increased community complaints and would explore options for redesigning those flight tracks to reduce noise concentrations over noise sensitive areas while satisfying project design goals and constraints. Changes in aircraft noise exposure, fuel consumption, and air emissions would be quantified ...more »

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