Identifying Viable Techniques for Modifying NextGen Flight Track Design to Reduce Community Noise Exposure and Annoyance

This research would examine several examples where implementation of Metroplex or other procedures has resulted in widespread increased community complaints and would explore options for redesigning those flight tracks to reduce noise concentrations over noise sensitive areas while satisfying project design goals and constraints. Changes in aircraft noise exposure, fuel consumption, and air emissions would be quantified ...more »

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Policy and Planning

Air Passenger Values of Time and Qualitative Travel Attributes

The objective of the proposed research is to update and extend the estimated values of travel time savings determined in ACRP Project 03-19 and broaden the scope to include not only travel time savings but also other quantitative service attributes, such as walking distance, and the perceived values attributed by air passengers to improvements in qualitative levels of service, such as ride quality and comfort. One important ...more »

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Summary of Practice for Automated Pavement Condition Surveys

The objective of this synthesis is to document agency practices, challenges, and success in conducting automated pavement condition data collection surveys. The study is intended to showcase successful practices, integration of automated data collection into pavement management systems, and efforts needed for reporting pavement condition.

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Earthquake Early Warning System

The USGS will be releasing the Earthquake Early Warning System for public use in 2018. All airports in the west will need to understand how this will directly impact shutdown of critical infrastructure, alerting to the public and changes in the airport safety systems.

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Update to Marketing Guide for Small Airports

The objective of the research is to update the Marketing Guide for Small Airports to include business-to-business marketing and digital media thus resulting in a new model for business-to-business marketing for smaller airports.

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Beauty and Meaning: How the Arts Can Serve Airports

Airports of all sizes have the potential to introduce more art experiences into the traveler space, but few know why they should care and how to accomplish this. Partnerships with arts associations, artists, civic cultural leaders and airports are few and poorly documented or understood. The objective of this research would be to: • Research benefits of integrating art experiences into travelers’ spaces at airports • ...more »

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Aviation Symbol System & Guidelines

Research and develop a universal Aviation Symbol Signs System for the airport/travel sector that is comprehensive, rigorously tested, and industry accepted, as well as provide guidelines for their best use in airports. The focus will be on pedestrian wayfinding and safety related symbols. Process should be based on a global approach with U.S. airport application. The objective is to produce an aviation symbol library ...more »

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