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Research Projects

ACRP Insight Event - Future of Aviation

This is a proposal for a two-day ACRP Insight Event on the Future of Aviation at the Beckman Center. The findings from this event would be used to help develop an ACRP future of aviation research roadmap (please see below for more details). The proposed location is recommended due to its closer proximity to key aviation and technology companies and thought leaders who may be interested in planning and/or participating... more »

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Research Projects

Biennial Report on Transportation Technology in Aviation

The objective of this quick response project is to prepare a periodic (biennial) transformative technology report to the aviation industry. This report would itemize those new technologies developed and implemented in the aviation industry over a two-year period between biennial reports; assess the impact of those technologies on airport and airline operations; then develop suggested course of actions that airports and... more »

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Research Projects

Guidance on Holistic Airport Master Planning

Guidance on holisitic master planning that goes beyond just future

facility and infrastructure that includes the sub categories such as IT,

Operations, Security and Maintenance as examples. It would also provide guidance on how to develop a "plan" for the ancillary operating areas and how important components may be rolled into a true master plan


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Research Projects

Cultivating Talent in the Airport Environment

Develop a talent cultivation "playbook" that would provide the aviation industry with inspiring, tested, and rapidly-implementable techniques front line managers and senior staff can use to enhance talent cultivation and knowledge transfer in their organizations. The playbook would be designed for people on-the-go who can pick it up, read it for a few minutes and take away key talent planning ideas that can be implemented... more »

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Research Projects

Applying Dynamic Network Analysis and Organizational Behavior Theory to Improve Collaboration for Airport Construction Projects

Develop guidance on how the airport industry can employ new technologies and techniques used in other industries to provide real-time feedback on communication networks and collaboration (who is communicating with whom, about what, how often) in construction projects during delivery. The ultimate objective of employing this type of technology is to enhance collaboration to better meet project / organizational goals,... more »


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Research Projects

Enhancing the Management of Adverse Conditions, IROPS, and Crises with Airport Collaborative Decision Making

The main objectives of this research project are providing to the U.S. airports and their stakeholders (airlines, ATCT, ground handling service providers, etc.) the following: - Overview of A-CDM operations management, - Benefits of A-CDM operations management for the community of the stakeholders of the airport operations, - Guidance for developing an A-CDM operations management organization, the related tools, and CDM-friendly... more »

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Synthesis Topics

Software Solutions and Tools for Airport Administration

This project will provide airport administrators and other stakeholders with a concise resource that applies software solutions, applications, and digital technologies toward a multitude of common tasks, responsibilities, and problems.The project will synthesize all existing research and resources on the subject, paying particular attention to off-the-shelf style products that can be easily procured, implemented, and... more »


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Topic Collection
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Research Projects

Blockchain Technology and Airports - A Primer

Develop a primer to introduce airports to blockchain technology, describe potential use cases, and offer guidance to incorporating blockchain into their airport's operations.


• What is blockchain?

• History

• Benefits

• Airport use cases

• Survey of airport-specific applications and vendors

• Implementing/converting to blockchain technology

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Research Projects

Airside Planning, Design and operations: Electronic Resources Library

The objectives of this research project are to: • Create an electronic resources library – preferably a website. This searchable electronic library should provide an inventory of available publications including the abstracts and index of ACRP research documents and non-ACRP research documents related to airside planning, design and operations. • Recommend a process for keeping the website up-to-date. • Identify which... more »