Aviation Symbol System & Guidelines

Research and develop a universal Aviation Symbol Signs System for the airport/travel sector that is comprehensive, rigorously tested, and industry accepted, as well as provide guidelines for their best use in airports. The focus will be on pedestrian wayfinding and safety related symbols. Process should be based on a global approach with U.S. airport application. The objective is to produce an aviation symbol library ...more »

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Perimeter Security Control and Incident Response

Guidebook on measures to safeguard airport users, staff and facilities by effectively controlling access to airport property through surveillance of the perimeter fencing and by rapid and effective responses to unauthorized penetrations. While this examination of modern security systems would focus on anti-terrorist and anti-criminal activity it should also consider the applications of such systems to wildlife control ...more »

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Airside planning, Design and operations: Electronic Resources Library

The objectives of this research project are to: • Create an electronic resources library – preferably a website. This searchable electronic library should provide an inventory of available publications including the abstracts and index of ACRP research documents and non-ACRP research documents related to airside planning, design and operations. • Recommend a process for keeping the website up-to-date. • Identify which ...more »

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Blockchain Technology and Airports - A Primer

Blockchain, which is generating a lot of buzz, is a relatively new technology that may significantly impact air travel (i.e., similar to how the internet was a disrupter). Some airports are already planning or deploying blockchain-based applications (e.g., DXB plans to go 'passport free' - Airport professionals would benefit from learning about the blockchain, ...more »

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Policy and Planning

Urban Air Mobility Market Study

Urban Air Mobility (UAM) is a safe and efficient system for air passenger and cargo transportation within an urban area, inclusive of small package delivery and other urban Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) services, which supports a mix of onboard/ground-piloted and increasingly autonomous operations. In recent years, UAM has developed rapidly due to advances in technology and with pilot projects underway in Dubai and planned ...more »

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