Understanding and Managing Worker Fatigue at Airports

A Fatigue Risk Management Program (FRMP), specific to the needs of ramp workers, will be developed and implemented in at least one airport with the feasibility, acceptability and efficacy of the program evaluated. An implementation schedule should then be devised to provide a successful program to ramp workers in major airports across the country.

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Develop Protocol for Carbon Offset by using Vegetarian Food in Airports and Aircrafts

Perform economic, environmental and social benefits analysis of using plant based diet in airports and flights. Industrial meat, poultry, and dairy production has a huge footprint of resource consumption--energy, water, and land. As a result the practice produces air, water and land pollution. The practice also causes human health related deceases. A triple Bottom Line analysis of low carbon plant based food usage ...more »

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Airport Incubators

How can airports set up incubators unit to create a space for innovators to solve airport problems based on challenges placed on them from different departments? Then, using the resulting solution, partner (in terms of equity) with the innovators, help them form companies that the airport would be. Partner on in terms of the laboratory for the solutions, then market to other airports.

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Policy and Planning

Aging Air Traffic Control Tower Facilities

Many airports have air traffic control tower (ATCT) facilities that were constructed more than 50 years ago and despite renovation and rehabilitation efforts, they are reaching the end of their useful life. Some do not meet updated FAA siting and design criteria, and other state-of-art practices. NATCA conducted a survey in 10 years ago (2007) that indicated over two-thirds of the ATCTs were rated as having fair to poor ...more »

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