Update to Marketing Guide for Small Airports

The objective of the research is to update the Marketing Guide for Small Airports to include business-to-business marketing and digital media thus resulting in a new model for business-to-business marketing for smaller airports.

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Develop Protocol for Carbon Offset by using Vegetarian Food in Airports and Aircrafts

Perform economic, environmental and social benefits analysis of using plant based diet in airports and flights. Industrial meat, poultry, and dairy production has a huge footprint of resource consumption--energy, water, and land. As a result the practice produces air, water and land pollution. The practice also causes human health related deceases. A triple Bottom Line analysis of low carbon plant based food usage ...more »

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Beauty and Meaning: How the Arts Can Serve Airports

Airports of all sizes have the potential to introduce more art experiences into the traveler space, but few know why they should care and how to accomplish this. Partnerships with arts associations, artists, civic cultural leaders and airports are few and poorly documented or understood. The objective of this research would be to: • Research benefits of integrating art experiences into travelers’ spaces at airports • ...more »

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Policy and Planning

Air Passenger Values of Time and Qualitative Travel Attributes

The objective of the proposed research is to update and extend the estimated values of travel time savings determined in ACRP Project 03-19 and broaden the scope to include not only travel time savings but also other quantitative service attributes, such as walking distance, and the perceived values attributed by air passengers to improvements in qualitative levels of service, such as ride quality and comfort. One important ...more »

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Policy and Planning

Safe, Efficient, and Customer-Centric Processing of Departing Passengers and Checked Baggage.

Develop industry recommendations to safely and efficiently move most types of passengers and their baggage with minimum wait times or queueing standards at all departure decision points at the airport.

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