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Research Projects

Create, Host, and Maintain Airport Emergency Planning Template Website

Convert an already-developed tool for preparing NIMS/ICS compliant airport emergency plans (AEPs) to a web-based product and to host and maintain the tool/website for 3 years.

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Research Projects

Aging Air Traffic Control Tower Facilities

Many airports have air traffic control tower (ATCT) facilities that were constructed more than 50 years ago and despite renovation and rehabilitation efforts, they are reaching the end of their useful life. Some do not meet updated FAA siting and design criteria, and other state-of-art practices. NATCA conducted a survey in 10 years ago (2007) that indicated over two-thirds of the ATCTs were rated as having fair to poor... more »


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Synthesis Topics

Supporting Employee Well-being through Workforce Programs

The objective of this research is to provide airports with a means by which to attract and retain employees by focusing on employee well-being and creating a healthier, more positive work environment for all employees. The main outcome should be a user-friendly toolkit that lays out common challenges impacting employee well-being, the types of programs or strategies that can be used to alleviate these challenges and... more »

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Synthesis Topics

Synthesis of Current Practice of Airport Renewable Energy Projects

The product will be a Synthesis of Practice summarizing how airports have planned, financed, and developed renewable energy projects at Airports. The report will provide the industry examples for how renewable energy projects have been developed and approved consistent with aeronautical uses and grant assurances.

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Research Projects

Geospatial Data Governance - Organizational Factors and Best Practices

Airport and related aviation organizations generate and absorb large amounts of data, particularly geospatial data such as CAD, GIS, BIM, LiDAR, and aerial imagery. How can airports leadership and staff learn from industry best practices, including from others such as university campuses, in terms of effectively managing the flow of data to facility operations, maintenance, and other end-users, so they are not held up... more »

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Research Projects

The uberization of business aviation

New technologies continue to arise regarding the ability to coordinate for the shared use of smaller business aircraft, in turn creating increasing pressure to provide such services to the general public, in turn creating significant conflicts between just what is – and what is not – permitted under 14 C.F.R. Part 91. Additionally, eVTOL aircraft are rapidly under development and moving to the demonstration stage, creating... more »

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Research Projects

Best Practices for Implementing Effective Airport Biometrics - A Primer

Air traveler volume is rising year over year, placing strain on airport facilities' ability to process passengers efficiently and effectively in an operational footprint constrained by long-term capital investments. Additionally, airports must continuously mitigate against the risk posed by the "insider threat." Biometrics (e.g. fingerprint, facial, iris recognition) have the potential to mitigate these risks, capture... more »

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Research Projects

Airport Common Use Program Development Guidebook

In 2010, the ACRP published Report 30: Reference Guide on Understanding Common Use at Airports. Since that time, the airport strategies for implementation of common use and the technological solutions have significantly changed. Today, there is a greater focus on the "seamless passenger journey", providing new common use options, introducing technology innovations, and adapting to new business models. The research proposed... more »

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Research Projects

Airport Contributions to the Study, Investigation, and Interdiction of Human Trafficking

Define evidence-based, practical tools for airports interested in supporting anti-human trafficking efforts, through a project that complements and keep step with efforts at the USDOT and FAA, as well as those of a Congressionally-directed Federal Advisory Committee and its recommendation, due out July 3, 2019.

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Research Projects

Practical guidance to combat human trafficking at airports

This project will create a practical guide that provides airport managers and other key personnel with day-to-day strategies to help combat human trafficking at airports. The need for this guidance was identified at the May 2018 ACRP insight event on economic and social sustainability.

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Research Projects

Practical Guide for Integrating Crisis Management and Business Continuity

The research project would assess the current state of all-hazards crisis management and its relationship to business continuity and business resilience for airports and airport authorities across the U.S. Through benchmarking, the project team would assess current airport capabilities, and identify needs, gaps, and opportunities for improving airport enterprise-wide resilience. Results of the study would inform a guidebook... more »

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Research Projects

Measuring the Effect of Changes in Air Service Connectivity on Regional Economic Development

The proposed research will extend the findings of previous ACRP research to describe how changes in air service connectivity will effect regional economic development. A spreadsheet model, workbook and user guide will be developed from this research for use by airports, state aviation agencies and, in addition, by regional planning and economic development organizations to allow economic benefits of improved air service... more »

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Research Projects

Nondestructive monitoring and testing of support below runways

We are researching a capability for non-destructive, very low-cost monitoring of subbase conditions below runways (as well as other transportation infrastructure). We are seeking a test location (airport, for example) to validate our work.