Subsurface Drainage System Benefits in Airport Pavement Performance

This research would summarize the best of practices through survey of airports and consultants; evaluate the effectiveness of subsurface drainage configurations by investigating field performance of airport pavements with and without drainage features; quantify the cost and benefits of including subsurface drainage by comparing any potential extension in service-life with increased construction and maintenance costs; ...more »

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Develop Protocol for Carbon Offset by using Vegetarian Food in Airports and Aircrafts

Perform economic, environmental and social benefits analysis of using plant based diet in airports and flights. Industrial meat, poultry, and dairy production has a huge footprint of resource consumption--energy, water, and land. As a result the practice produces air, water and land pollution. The practice also causes human health related deceases. A triple Bottom Line analysis of low carbon plant based food usage ...more »

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Optimizing Airfield Snow Removal

"The objective of this project is to research best practices focused on managing the resources at airports to optimize the number of runways and taxiways that can be kept open during winter storms. The guidelines should include using process optimization to reduce variation caused by unpredictable weather events and computer simulation analyses to optimize the number of equipment needed, resources required, and optimize ...more »

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