Guidebook for Airports to Enhance/Support FAA Trajectory Based Operations (TBO)

The FAA’s “Vision for Trajectory Based Operations”, Version 2.0 dated September 2017, states that TBO will leverage NextGen improvements to make flight operations more efficient and predictable: “TBO in 2025 depends upon use of improved data sets and greater collaboration between the FAA and its customers to enable better traffic planning and scheduling decisions. Improved data sets reflect access to new data elements, ...more »

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Selection and Application of Building Materials for Passenger Terminals

To create a comprehensive resource for architects, interior designers, engineers and airport operators to help them in selection of these materials for new construction or renovation of existing facilities. The guidebook should also provide guidance to airport operators and designers on how to evaluate life cycle cost implications of selecting different building materials.

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Development of Airport Incident Command System (ICS) Training

Develop airport-specific Incident Command System training courses at the ICS-100 and ICS-200 levels that meets NIMS training standards as established by the National Incident Management System Training Program.

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Benefits of Arts to Airports and Stakeholders

Airports of all sizes have the potential to introduce more art experiences into the traveler space, but few know why they should care and how to accomplish this. Partnerships with arts associations, artists, civic cultural leaders and airports are few and poorly documented or understood. The objective of this research would be to: • Research benefits of integrating art experiences into travelers’ spaces at airports • ...more »

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Policy and Planning

Safe, Efficient, and Customer-Centric Processing of Departing Passengers and Checked Baggage.

Develop industry recommendations to safely and efficiently move most types of passengers and their baggage with minimum wait times or queueing standards at all departure decision points at the airport.

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