Policy and Planning

"Last Mile" in General Aviation - Guidance on Challenges with Courtesy Cars and other forms of Ground Transportation

A compilation of best practices in courtesy car procurement, insurance, maintenance, and usage policies to act as guidance for general aviation, community-owned airports. Alternative options, like coordination with dial-a-ride local transit service, taxis, and partnerships with local car rentals and dealerships should also be explored. The result would be an increase in economic opportunity by increasing connectivity ...more »

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Integrated and Comprehensive Management of GA Airport Maintenance Operations

The objective of this research is craft and organize flexible but comprehensive and coordinated GA airport infrastructure maintenance operation programs and protocols for the purpose of achieving infrastructure preservation cost savings, cost deferrals, and extend the useful service life of existing airport infrastructure. The products of this research would be a Guidebook outlining ways and means of comprehensively ...more »

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Update to Marketing Guide for Small Airports

The objective of the research is to update the Marketing Guide for Small Airports to include business-to-business marketing and digital media thus resulting in a new model for business-to-business marketing for smaller airports.

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