Improving Situational Awareness, Operational Risk Management, and Safety by Fusing Data from Multiple Sensor Types

The objective of this research is to develop and test an enhanced, data-fused airport safety system at an active airport. Data from solid-state radars; multi-spectral, electro-optical sensors; automated, real-time video feeds; and ADS-B will be fused and the output will be integrated on a single, functional user display for the purposes of: • Enhancing SA and ORM for personnel other than those manning the Flight Safety ...more »

Submitted by (@carol.fuqua)
Owner: Carol Fuqua


Low cost remote tower solution

Install and operate a low cost remote tower solution using COTS/FAA approved radar only FOD detection solution (currently in operation at Heathrow) combined with an optical aircraft tail number/aircraft counter system/situational awareness system.

Submitted by (@gbishop)
Owner: Grant Bishop


Green Taxiing at Airports

The main objectives of this idea are providing the U.S. airport industry and their stakeholders (airlines, ATO, ground handling service providers, etc.) with the following: - Overview of the green taxiing solutions and their typical concepts of operations, - Impact of these systems on airport operations, planning and design, - Benefits for the environmental footprint and guidance for integrating the deployment of these ...more »

Submitted by (@gael.lebris)
Owner: Gael Le Bris


Effective Removal and Temporary Application of Airfield Pavement Markings

The objective is to determine best practices for the safe, cost-effective, and environmentally acceptable removal of existing markings and application of temporary markings on aviation pavement. Behind the idea, the output should address the following questions: • How much removal is adequate to prevent confusion in the cockpit? • How much tolerance is there for altering the pavement surface? • Are there mechanical ...more »

Submitted by (@gael.lebris)
Owner: Gael Le Bris

Policy and Planning

Incorporating the unique needs of airports into off-airport highway planning, design, and construction

Synthesize aspects of airport characteristics that can influence the planning, design, and construction of roads and highways and provide instructive considerations for each.

Submitted by (@jmfuller)


Identifying Viable Techniques for Modifying NextGen Flight Track Design to Reduce Community Noise Exposure and Annoyance

This research would examine several examples where implementation of Metroplex or other procedures has resulted in widespread increased community complaints and would explore options for redesigning those flight tracks to reduce noise concentrations over noise sensitive areas while satisfying project design goals and constraints. Changes in aircraft noise exposure, fuel consumption, and air emissions would be quantified ...more »

Submitted by (@salverson)


Sustainable Aviation Jet Fuel Economic Benefits Toolkit for Airports

Develop a spreadsheet tool and user guidebook for airports to quantify the non-energy benefits of SAJF in their region, to enable more accurate and comprehensive benefit-cost analysis for investment and policy decision-making.

Submitted by (@aklauber)


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Airport Incubators

How can airports set up incubators unit to create a space for innovators to solve airport problems based on challenges placed on them from different departments? Then, using the resulting solution, partner (in terms of equity) with the innovators, help them form companies that the airport would be. Partner on in terms of the laboratory for the solutions, then market to other airports.

Submitted by (@elliott.paige)
Owner: Elliott Paige


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Estimating the Cost of Hazardous Waste Material Removal for Airport Construction Projects

To develop a comprehensive resource on the safe handling and cost effective removal of hazardous waste material during airports projects. The report will examine ways to identify the waste, evaluate its impact on environment, construction cost and schedule. The report will augment existing industry standard guidelines established by EPA.

Submitted by (@sashiabor)


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Evaluating the Effectiveness of Airport Wildlife Hazard Management Plan Implementation.

The objective of this research is to comprehensively evaluate the effectiveness of Airport Wildlife Hazard Management Plans being funded by FAA and implemented by numerous airports under FAA jurisdiction. Primary suggested lines of inquiry and related products will include: (1) Are Airport WHMPs being fully and properly implemented, (2) Are implemented WHMPs meeting the expectations of sponsoring airports, (3) If expectations ...more »

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