This topic area is focused on issues related to safety on or near an airport. Subtopics may include those related to managing safety (safety management systems and safety risk management), as well as responding to events (emergencies, incidents, weather events and mutual aid).

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Functional Impairment Measurement Secondary to Cannabis/Marijuana Consumption: RRIPT

With 29 states having legal medicinal use of marijuana and nine having legal adult recreational use legal, marijuana and related impairment to function on the job, is a growing topic. Technology that can be used at any time to measure functional impairment is needed to supplement existing biologic measures. Urine does not detect immediate acute use as it takes hours to enter the system. Saliva only measures presence ...more »

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Earthquake Early Warning System

The USGS will be releasing the Earthquake Early Warning System for public use in 2018. All airports in the west will need to understand how this will directly impact shutdown of critical infrastructure, alerting to the public and changes in the airport safety systems.

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Understanding and Managing Worker Fatigue at Airports

A Fatigue Risk Management Program (FRMP), specific to the needs of ramp workers, will be developed and implemented in at least one airport with the feasibility, acceptability and efficacy of the program evaluated. An implementation schedule should then be devised to provide a successful program to ramp workers in major airports across the country.

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