The Environment research topic has historically been focused on three primary areas including water, air, and noise. Each of these areas has been further separated into subtopics of emphasis, such as groundwater, wastewater, various air quality concerns, and noise modeling. Other topics have also been added to this overall research field to address issues such as NEPA compliance, alternative fuels, and climate change impacts.

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Methods for Evaluating Airfield Pavement Deicer Contributions to Airport Stormwater Quality

The objective of this research is to develop guidance for airports to quantitatively identify the contributions of airfield pavement deicers to environmentally relevant characteristics of stormwater discharges, such as COD and BOD.

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Requested Allocation (For ACRP Use Only) : $350,000

AOC Authorized Project (ACRP Use Only) : https://apps.trb.org/cmsfeed/TRBNetProjectDisplay.asp?ProjectID=4424