This research topic is focused on supporting the activities necessary to run an airport organization. Topics found within this subject area may cover issues such as the ownership and management of any airport, procurement of services, contracting and agreements, and improvements and investments in the facility.

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Beauty and Meaning: How the Arts Can Serve Airports

Airports of all sizes have the potential to introduce more art experiences into the traveler space, but few know why they should care and how to accomplish this. Partnerships with arts associations, artists, civic cultural leaders and airports are few and poorly documented or understood. The objective of this research would be to: • Research benefits of integrating art experiences into travelers’ spaces at airports • ...more »

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Update to Marketing Guide for Small Airports

The objective of the research is to update the Marketing Guide for Small Airports to include business-to-business marketing and digital media thus resulting in a new model for business-to-business marketing for smaller airports.

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Lessons learned from the recent hurricanes

While there is existing guidance on emergency planning and business continuity for airport operation, the recent storms to hit the gulf and eastern coasts have presented different challenges in airport operations. The project would pull lessons learned from airports effected by the damages of the storms as well as external factors that may not be under airport control. examples: - Loss of NAVIADS - The airport has power ...more »

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