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Update to Report 160: Addressing Significant Weather Impacts on Airports In Reserve

The data in the original report and supporting the tool is from 1990-2000, and airports need guidance and information based on the latest climate data to accurately assess risk and plan mitigation strategies. This research update idea was developed as part of project ACRP 11-02/39, Environmental Products Update and is one of the priorities identified by the research team and through industry outreach.

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Catalyzing airport-based carbon solutions In Reserve

Airport can support carbon reduction projects that support either aircraft fuel burn reduction or site-related emissions. This revenue could generate funding for airports and shift resources that are going to non-aviation carbon options.

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Effective practices for monitoring and managing tree growth off the airport. In Reserve

Conduct research into cost effective strategies for periodic monitoring of airspace surfaces such as TERPS 20:1 surfaces to ensure they remain clear of obstructions. Particularly at smaller rural airports that may not have staff, zoning, or significant infrastructure that would otherwise make these issues easier to manage.

Research Projects

Update to Report 147: Climate Change Adaptation Planning, Risk Assessments for Airports In Reserve

Update to Report 147. The climate data in the ACROS tool is outdated and requires update. The original publication is based on data from prior to 2013; weather and climate data has been continually updated since the original publication was released (which affects the likelihood and severity of various risks in the assessment tool). Additionally, there are more recent examples of airport case studies and best practices.... more »

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Update to Report 11: Preparing Airport Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventories In Reserve

The original guidebook provides essential information to airports developing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventories. However there have been a number of developments in methodology and resources available since original publication and an update is needed for this publication to remain relevant/useful. This research update idea was developed as part of project ACRP 11-02/39, Environmental Products Update and is one... more »

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Delivering Cost-Effective Training for Airfield Electricians for General Aviation and Other Small Airports In Reserve

When a natural disaster or accident disrupts the airfield lighting and electrical system, the lack of staff or available local qualified airfield electricians may seriously delay the recovery of airfield operations. Airfield electrical systems are inherently dangerous; therefore, special training is required to maintain safely.

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Update the Airport Construction Emission Inventory Tool (ACEIT) In Reserve

The objective is to update the guidance and software for calculating airport construction emissions in order to:

• Incorporate the latest construction practices and regulatory requirements.

• Calculate emissions through the latest version of MOVES.

• Integrate applicable modifications to ACRP Report 102 and the Airport Construction Emissions Inventory Tool (ACEIT)

Research Projects

Consequences of Delayed Maintenance of Airport Assets In Reserve

This research project will present a process for quantifying the consequences of delayed maintenance of airport assets. It will cover asset preservation policies, maintenance and budget needs, and the analyses of delayed maintenance scenarios. This process considers delayed maintenance caused by the inability to meet the owner-defined application schedule or the unavailability of the funds required to perform all needed... more »

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Guidebook for Environmental Management of PFAS at Airports In Reserve

The Guidebook for Environmental Management of PFAS at Airports will provide airport managers with a comprehensive yet practical resource for managing the environmental risks of polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in water, soil, and wastewater at and near the airport.

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Airport Parking Strategies Preparing for Robotaxis and Electric Vehicles In Reserve

Major changes are in the offing that will impact parking needs at airports - transitioning of the automotive fleet to electric power will require charging facilities. Automation (autonomous cars) will reduce parking demands. The pace of these changes is largely unknown, but strategic thinking is needed to prepare for these changes.

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Transitioning Airport Central Utility Plants to Electric In Reserve

For airports considering transitioning to electric equipment at Central Utility Plants to meet air quality regulations and sustainability goals, there is a need for a comprehensive evaluation of appropriate alternative technologies (including costs), retrofits needed, and strategies to minimize life cycle costs of new equipment. A model of potential energy, water, and greenhouse gas reductions is also needed to inform... more »

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Renewables to Resilience: Strengthening Airport Resilience through Retrofitting Existing Renewable Energy Assets In Reserve

Approximately 20% of public airports have adopted solar PV over the past decade. However, most of these renewable projects have not been developed to provide resilient power directly to the airport to keep critical areas and assets up and running in the event of a power disruption. This project will evaluate existing roadblocks to retrofit solar PV projects to add resilience capabilities and provide guidance to airports... more »

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Airport Microgrid Toolkit Upgrade and Host Identification In Reserve

To improve the ACRP Airport Microgrid Implementation Toolkit ("the Toolkit") project funded through ACRP (ACRP 10-26: Airport Microgrid Implementation Toolkit)by updating cost and technology information and identifying a long-term host.

ACRP 10-26 generated a potentially unprecedented level of media and government interest in a TRB project including coverage in CNBC and a formal progress inquiry from Congress. Microgrids... more »

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Identifying Viable Techniques for Modifying NextGen Flight Track Design to Reduce Community Noise Exposure and Annoyance In Reserve

This research would examine several examples where implementation of Metroplex or other procedures has resulted in widespread increased community complaints and would explore options for redesigning those flight tracks to reduce noise concentrations over noise sensitive areas while satisfying project design goals and constraints. Changes in aircraft noise exposure, fuel consumption, and air emissions would be quantified... more »