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Identifying Viable Techniques for Modifying NextGen Flight Track Design to Reduce Community Noise Exposure and Annoyance In Reserve

This research would examine several examples where implementation of Metroplex or other procedures has resulted in widespread increased community complaints and would explore options for redesigning those flight tracks to reduce noise concentrations over noise sensitive areas while satisfying project design goals and constraints. Changes in aircraft noise exposure, fuel consumption, and air emissions would be quantified... more »

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Determining Carbon Removal Opportunities at Airports to Achieve Net Zero Emissions In Reserve

The proposed research project would evaluate carbon removal strategies that could be deployed at airports to help achieve "Net Zero Emissions" in order to align with global emission reduction targets and to address increasing public scrutiny. Carbon removal strategies include both natural (e.g., tree plantings and agricultural soil management) and technological approaches (e.g., carbon-absorbing concrete and direct air... more »

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Update the Airport Construction Emission Inventory Tool (ACEIT) In Reserve

The objective is to update the guidance and software for calculating airport construction emissions in order to:

• Incorporate the latest construction practices and regulatory requirements.

• Calculate emissions through the latest version of MOVES.

• Integrate applicable modifications to ACRP Report 102 and the Airport Construction Emissions Inventory Tool (ACEIT)

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Update to Report 11: Preparing Airport Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventories In Reserve

The original guidebook provides essential information to airports developing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventories. However there have been a number of developments in methodology and resources available since original publication and an update is needed for this publication to remain relevant/useful. This research update idea was developed as part of project ACRP 11-02/39, Environmental Products Update and is one... more »

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Electric Aircraft on the Horizon - Planning handbook for Airports In Reserve

Generate informed guidance for airports to plan for electric aircraft adoption. Electric aircraft could begin operating from airports within 3+ years. The aviation industry lacks a method to distinguish between marketing hype and realistic projections. A new ACRP report could provide help airports understand which sites are best suited for the viable technology associated with electric powered aircraft. Airports would... more »

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Catalyzing airport-based carbon solutions In Reserve

Airport can support carbon reduction projects that support either aircraft fuel burn reduction or site-related emissions. This revenue could generate funding for airports and shift resources that are going to non-aviation carbon options.

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Potential Airport Pathways to Net Zero Carbon Emissions: Who, What, When, Where, & How? In Reserve

As air travel rebounds from the COVID pandemic, the aviation industry will again be under increasing public pressure (i.e. flight shaming) to decarbonize its operations to align with the global goal of "net zero carbon emissions by 2050." Some airports are already being asked by local officials, regulatory agencies, and NGOs to identify their planned strategies and milestones to meet this long-term target. The proposed... more »

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Vehicle-to-Grid Microgrid at Airports In Reserve

As electric vehicles reach the consumer mainstream and decarbonization moves energy loads from natural gas to electricity, airports will be under increasing pressure to upgrade their electrical capacity. This research paper would explore the potential use of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology as a local microgrid, offsetting peak electrical demand and providing increased levels of electrical system redundancy.

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Stay Calm and Breathe: Creating a Hygienic Culture for Airports In Reserve

As the airline industry struggles to return to normal operations in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, airport operators must take steps to restore confidence in commercial aviation by reassuring the flying public that they are returning to a clean and safe environment. Operators must focus on improving sanitary conditions and indoor air quality (IAQ) within the terminals, where the high volume of people and activities... more »

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Guide to Airport Innovation – Creating an Organizational Fit for the Future In Reserve

Airport teams are ramping up innovation labs, centers and executive level positions to support critical thinking, strategy and innovation. Airports need an approach to innovation that is powerful, effective and broadly assessable, that can integrate into all aspects of the business and region, and that individuals and teams can use to generate breakthrough ideas that are implemented and have a meaningful impact in the... more »