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Guidance on Concept Planning and Designing of Airport Collaboration Centers

Airports are increasingly interested in bringing multi-disciplines together in a common environment to improve collaborative decision making during regular and irregular operations. Guidance on how to plan and design for these centers is needed.


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Research Projects

Aviation Symbol System & Guidelines

Research and develop a universal Aviation Symbol Signs System for the airport/travel sector that is comprehensive, rigorously tested, and industry accepted, as well as provide guidelines for their best use in airports. The focus will be on pedestrian wayfinding and safety related symbols. Process should be based on a global approach with U.S. airport application.

The objective is to produce an aviation symbol library... more »


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Research Projects

Airside Planning, Design and operations: Electronic Resources Library In Reserve

The objectives of this research project are to:
• Create an electronic resources library – preferably a website. This searchable electronic library should provide an inventory of available publications including the abstracts and index of ACRP research documents and non-ACRP research documents related to airside planning, design and operations.
• Recommend a process for keeping the website up-to-date.
• Identify which... more »

Research Projects

Blockchain Technology and Airports - A Primer In Reserve

Develop a primer to introduce airports to blockchain technology, describe potential use cases, and offer guidance to incorporating blockchain into their airport's operations.


• What is blockchain?

• History

• Benefits

• Airport use cases

• Survey of airport-specific applications and vendors

• Implementing/converting to blockchain technology

Research Projects

Demonstrate Remote Autonomous Air Traffic Advisory System


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Research Projects

Guidance on Holistic Airport Master Planning

Guidance on holisitic master planning that goes beyond just future

facility and infrastructure that includes the sub categories such as IT,

Operations, Security and Maintenance as examples. It would also provide guidance on how to develop a "plan" for the ancillary operating areas and how important components may be rolled into a true master plan


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Synthesis Topics

Resilience Partnerships with the Air National Guard

New U.S. Department of Defense programs offer funding for resilience upgrades in communities that neighbor military installations. This project would review resilience partnership strategies for the more than 70 civilian airports that are co-located with Air National Guard units.


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General Aviation Airports and Resilience: Complete Toolkits for Self-Directed Planning In Reserve

The 2,455 General Aviation Airports in the U.S. provide essential services that are uniquely available through this type of airport. A Resilience Management Plan, although expensive to contract and complicated to create, may be critical to protecting the continuity of these services. This research project provides operators with the tools necessary to effectively and efficiently develop their own Resilience Management... more »