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We conduct two types of studies: research projects and syntheses of practice.

Research Projects—If the objective of your idea is to conduct extensive research to develop guidance, a tool, a database, or best practice, you should add your idea as a RESEARCH PROJECT. (Your proposed research may incidentally involve a synthesis of practice, but that is not its main objective.) Typical budgets for research projects range from $300,000 to $600,000.

You must complete the development of your research idea into a full problem statement by March 20, 2020 at 5 PM EDT.

ACRP will begin industry evaluation shortly thereafter.

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Synthesis Topics—If the objective of your idea is limited to a quick review of current practice, you should enter it as a SYNTHESIS TOPIC. The current budget for a synthesis topic is $45,000. It is important to demonstrate that there is sufficient information on practice to conduct a synthesis.

The deadline for submitting a synthesis topic is September 23, 2019.

The topic selection panel will meet shortly thereafter.

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Synthesis Topics

How Airports are Becoming Smart

Airports have been using the Internet of Things to become more connected and offer enhanced customer service logistics as smart airports. This synthesis would document the state of the industry with regard to the application of smart airport technologies and lessons learned from current adopters.


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Topic Collection
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Research Projects

Implementation of Project Management Offices (PMO) in US Airports

Project Management Offices (PMOs) are a well-established concept in Project Management literature and they are widespread across much of the private and public sectors. However, the establishment of PMOs (particularly, enterprise PMOs or EPMOs) at US airports – many of which are local government entities – have traditionally lagged behind their contemporaries. Although some PMOs currently exist at US airports, they are... more »


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