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Wilkomen, Bienvenue, Welcome! The Need for and Benefits to Providing Multilingual and Other Accommodations at Airports

Everyone flies! Today's traveling public is more diverse than ever. U.S. airports are serving people of more countries of origin, age ranges, language groups, nationalities, ethnicities, religious groups, physical/cognitive abilities, and income brackets than ever before.


However, most airports have not done an adequate job of modernizing their communications and facilities to accommodate this diversity. Not only are airports missing an opportunity to engage and gain loyalty of new customer segments, but far too often they are not meeting federal and state regulations that mandate certain services and accommodations under the ADA, Title VI, and other rules. As such, too many airports are vulnerable to enforcement and compliance actions by the DOJ and lawsuits from private interests.


Airports need help and guidance. For example, many don't even realize that they are suppose to have a Language Access Plan or review their websites for 508 compliance. There is no one-stop shop or centralized resource for airports that addresses regulations surrounding accommodations to populations. Airports need a digital or print resource that incorporates best practices from leading airports, case studies, with easy to understand and implement steps and checklists to help airports comply with (even get ahead of or exceed) regulations and welcome the whole range of diverse and foreign language speaking travelers who use airports.



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