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Tools used in the management of airport arts programs: Governing documents, advisory committees and master plans

ACRP Synthesis 11-03/Topic S01-21 (The Benefits of Airport Arts Programs) provides an exhaustive analysis of current practices related to airport arts programs; the Synthesis identifies many tools that airports use to govern such programs and to manage them efficiently and economically. It was, however, beyond the scope of Synthesis 11-03/Topic S01-21 to provide an in depth analysis of precisely how these tools are used for such programs. This new synthesis topic requires in depth research and analysis into how airport arts program use governing documents and advisory and selection committees to support the efficient and effective management of their arts program. The new synthesis topic would also require an exploration of arts program master plans and how such plans contribute to setting the goals, policies and procedures, and budgets for airport arts programs. Finally, because arts programs are just as necessary in times of turbulent events, the new topic includes research and analysis into how arts programs can cope with downturns in passenger traffic and airport revenue resulting from events such as a national disasters (post 9/11 events), a quarantine (such as COVID-19), or recovery from a pandemic .



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