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Synthesis of programs for permanent art installations at airports

ACRP Report 157 (Improving the Airport Customer Experience)(2017) found that airport arts programs play an important role in improving the customer experience at airports and that airports with such arts programs are among the most highly rated airports in the world. ACRP Synthesis 11-03/Topic S01-21 (The Benefits of Airport Arts Programs) surveyed and synthesized the the state of practice of airport rotating visual art exhibition programs, concluded that such programs generally return substantial benefits for a relatively modest investment, and provides additional information about performing arts programming at airports. A report that surveys the practices that small, medium, and large airports follow for the installation of permanent artwork would build on the work of the two previous ACRP projects and would help airports understand the various approaches, practices, and outcomes for installing such permanent works. The research for the synthesis would identify the guiding principles for the determination by airports to dedicate space to permanent art installations, where such installations should be placed, how such installations should be acquired, and the rules and policies governing such acquisitions. The objective of the proposed synthesis would be to discover and describe current practices at airports for the selection, presentation, and administration, maintenance and management of programs for the display of permanent art installations at airports. In this way, the proposed syntheses would complete the cycle of arts programs at airports begun with Report 157 and Synthesis 11-03/Topic S01-21. Because art programs at airports have been adopted widely, are very cost effective, and generate such an enthusiastic and significant following, the audience for this report will likely be broad: airport managers and community stakeholders, budget officers, arts program managers, and other administrators and policymakers.



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