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Synthesis of Airport Construction Sustainability and Environmental Mitigation Efforts

Sustainability and environmental mitigation are rapidly being incorporated into construction efforts at airports to mitigate and offset environmental impacts such as air emissions, water quality issues, etc. Naturally, every airport and their associated construction efforts and ability to incorporate sustainability vary on multiple fronts. This effort would provide a synthesis of construction sustainability and environmental best practices, successes, and failures at airports of multiple sizes, types, and locations in order to help prepare for future initiatives.

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Airports are continuously seeking ways to better incorporate sustainability into as many aspects as possible and reduce impacts on the environment. Construction at airports is often seen as environmentally destructive, however, through good practices and mitigation efforts several airports have had success in minimizing environmental impacts during construction.

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While these efforts are often successful, there are failures as well, all of which can be learned from for future efforts if contained in a synthesis report.

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Ultimately, this synthesis would gather as much insight as possible on airport's attempts, successes, and failures toward incorporating sustainability and environmental mitigation in construction. This effort would include interviews with airport project environmental project managers and planners of small, medium, and large hubs. This work would synthesize to the extent possible the strategies applied, why they worked for certain airports and how they can be applied in the future or at different airports.

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ACRP Report 80: Guidebook for Incorporating Sustainability into Traditional Airport Projects (2012): since its publication, airports likely applied this guidebook over the last 9 years. This synthesis would essentially provide an update as to the applicability of this guidebook, its successes, and areas that can be improved.

ACRP Report 102: Guidance for Estimating Airport Construction Emission (2014): While in need of an update, this document provides useful guidance for estimating construction related emissions at airports. The emissions can often be mitigated as well with good environmental practices and sustainability efforts.



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