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Standards for Mechanical and Electrical Systems to Create Healthier Airport Terminals

In the wake of recent events concerning passenger health and wellness, airports are searching for new standards of development to help ensure they are more averse to the risks and immediate fallout associated impending viral and bacterial outbreaks. Guidance on how to plan and design mechanical and electrical systems to address these concerns is at the forefront of the aviation industry. This idea develops a program to help mitigate these risks.

Background (Describe the current situation or problem in the industry, and how your idea would address it.)

Airports are laden with mechanical and electrical systems, many of which maintain a constant operating schedule and have an immediate impact on the health and wellness of a diverse passenger landscape.

Developing healthier environments in the travel industry requires a balance between constantly changing human elements. While certain aspects of passenger health and wellness can forward responsibility to the end user, the overall continuous health of an airport facility relies heavily on the equipment and systems behind the scenes to provide a continuous, reliable source of cleanliness. Taking control of the equipment and systems within a facility will remove some of the variables or unknowns when dealing with a constantly changing environment and focus group.

Focusing on the mechanical and electrical systems tasked with maintaining healthy environments is a solution for success.

Objective (What is the desired product or result that will help the airport industry?)

Develop a guidance with measures to produce the following results:

• Improve air quality

• Reduce cross contamination

• Containment and mitigation of viral and bacterial propagation

• Emergency response measures and protocols

• Operations and maintenance team response protocols

• Equipment and systems control sequence upgrades

• Updated maintenance procedures to match new standards

• Necessary training requirements for operations staff

Approach (Describe in general terms the steps you think are needed to achieve the objective.)

Perform a survey of the existing systems, equipment, and overall facility layout

Review control sequences of operation for mechanical and electrical systems

Review operations and maintenance staff capabilities and operating procedures

Develop responsibility matrix for operations team

Develop goals and standards for operation of equipment, systems, and staff

Indicate equipment and systems software and hardware updates necessary to achieve goals and standards

Develop standards for emergency response protocols

Develop standards for control sequence updates

Develop training criteria for operations and maintenance staff

Recommend viable solutions specific to client

Cost Estimate and Backup (Provide a cost estimate and support for how you arrived at the estimate.)


Costs associated with developing the program measure. Costs include time for surveying, o&M team meetings, systems studies, program development.

Costs would also include travel to facilities to help develop client specific standards and procedures.



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