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Software Solutions and Tools for Airport Administration

This project will provide airport administrators and other stakeholders with a concise resource that applies software solutions, applications, and digital technologies toward a multitude of common tasks, responsibilities, and problems.The project will synthesize all existing research and resources on the subject, paying particular attention to off-the-shelf style products that can be easily procured, implemented, and modified.


This existing information should be applied toward airport administration (airport/sponsor/state) problems and tasks to include, but not limited to: project/construction management; grant administration (planning/programming); airport inspection and compliance; asset management; website/social networking content management; safety/environmental management; lease management; communications (inter/intra); document management; security; budgeting; billing; and, project collaboration. Case studies or best management practices should be collected and presented where software solutions and tools have been successfully implemented at individual airports, their sponsor, or other governing organizations like state departments of transportation.


Users of this product should be able to easily find a common issue associated with airport administration within the text and quickly digest information relating to available and applicable software solutions and tools. Case studies and/or best management practices will highlight the ability of a software solution or tool in expediting delivery, improving quality, or lowering costs.


The project will locate and assemble all relevant information from all types of sources. This should include the existing catalog of ACRP and the software solutions and tools created under that program, as well as other applicable TRB products like National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Report 545: Analytical Tools for Asset Management, and, TRB NCHRP 20-65, Task 43: Best Practices in Electronic Grant Management.


Care should be taken to speak of software solutions and tools in general terms as much as possible. The project should avoid naming specific vendors.



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