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SkyDome - Keeping the sky's above airports safe & secure with accurate airborne detect alerts

SkyDome offers airborne awareness in all weather conditions for enhanced collision avoidance at airports. The autonomous operating solution does not require a man-in-the-loop, although remote access for authorized personell from the cloud is available. The primary purpose is to detect and alert pilots about airborne objects in their flight path (landing and take-off) that are difficult to see with the naked eye (example: small drones, flocks of birds, etc.). The alert will provide pilots with sufficiant warning time to manuever around the non-cooperatives. Fees for this critically needed level of safety can be funded as part of the landing fees (manditory or optional).

The notification of an altert can be sent to the pilot various ways (through an ADS-B protocol, via the wireless communications network on to their mobile devices or tablets or integrated into the to pilots flight safety alerts.



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