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Navigating the DBE Process -Getting your DBE in different States/Cities

The objective is to help a new business that is looking to become DBE certified avoid the pitfalls that are common in getting certified in states. The aviation community is trying to getting minorities and women to become DBE certified however the process is cumbersome, at times overwhelming, and confusing. With each state requiring different information in would be beneficial for the new business to know the following prior to submitting their application:

1. What are the timelines-how long should it take?

2. Will there be any fees with the process?

3. What will the state/city be requiring in terms of documentation

4. Will the state/city contact the business prior to denying them? Or will the state/city work with the firm to understand their specific issues?

The product will be a document explaining the differences between each states DBE certification process, current contact for each state, and other items as discussed above.



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