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Internet of Things (IoT) Standards for US Airports

To propose, develop and encourage US airports, airlines & industries to adopt IoT standards.

Background (Describe the current situation or problem in the industry, and how your idea would address it.)

Many industries all the way to the consumer level have significantly benefited from the adoption of IoT. Yet US Aviation Industry, e.g. airports and airlines, have not widely embraced IoT technology where efficiency, safety & costs would be positively impacted. It became clear, during the first AAAE roundtable meeting on Airport IoT,, that the lack of IoT standards is preventing the widespread airport IoT adoption.

IoT will provide many benefits to US airports and airlines, including the increase in operational performance, reduction in operational cost, increase workflow management and increase customer experience during air travel. IoT will also enhance cooperation between US airports and airlines and increase operational efficiencies for both parties. IoT will provide significant benefits to US airports, airlines and the travelers during irregular operations (IROPS) by supporting communication and collaborations between all the stakeholders.

The proposed standards will encourage airports to adopt IoT. It will encourage and help US vendors to produce aviation IoT devices at lower unit cost. At the same time, devices complied with the IoT standards will help airports to protect their return on investment. Airports and airlines have benefited from the use of similar technology standards, e.g., Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and IATA Common Use technologies.

There are some limited IoT deployments of at US airports and the current ACRP 01-33 research project "Preparing for the Connected Airport and the Internet of Things", is evaluating these deployments. However, this project will not develop IoT standards which are required as a foundation or common basis from which all airports& airlines can reap the benefit of IoT.

Objective (What is the desired product or result that will help the airport industry?)

To propose, develop and encourage US airports, airlines & industries to adopt IoT standards.



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