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Improving Situational Awareness, Operational Risk Management, and Safety by Fusing Data from Multiple Sensor Types

The objective of this research is to develop and test an enhanced, data-fused airport safety system at an active airport. Data from solid-state radars; multi-spectral, electro-optical sensors; automated, real-time video feeds; and ADS-B will be fused and the output will be integrated on a single, functional user display for the purposes of:

• Enhancing SA and ORM for personnel other than those manning the Flight Safety Office (FSO) to include: airfield managers, air traffic control, fire department personnel, and other airport staff

• Providing real-time incident advisories and/or alerts to airport end-users

• Automating the dissemination of other advisories and alerts for dynamic, easily-overlooked hazards such as birds, wildlife, vehicles, and UAVs.

The program is designed to test and evaluate the effectiveness and potential for integrating other airport systems/technologies to enhance safety and alerting at all airports, but especially remote and unmanned airports. This system as presented will be better able to collect, collate, and disseminate vital situational awareness information to all airport end-users over the system currently in-place. The goal of this project is to develop the tools for enhanced LAA and RAA for a safer airport operation.



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