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Improving Airport Master Planning through Meaningful Stakeholder and Public Participation

A guidebook containing valuable information for airport managers and planners, including case studies and the identification of best practices to assist airport internal and external stakeholders in optimizing the usefulness of the master planning process, and ways in which said process can help airport managers articulate to the external public and stakeholders the need to solve challenges they face:


- Stakeholder involvement methods, including the identification of the airport's role for economic development: what are the forms of stakeholder involvement in the airport master planning process that lead to a better acceptance or even an improvement of the plan?


- Incorporation of public and stakeholder input (for instance of airlines) in the master planning process): how do stakeholder's comments influenced a component of a master plan and what are methods of introducing flexibility in the master plan?


- Development of multiple airport improvement options: can the planning process let alternatives/solutions emerge that were different from those envisioned initially before the process began?



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