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Identifying and Measuring the Qualitative/ Quantitative Impact of Business Diversity Programs In Reserve

The objective of this research is to develop a guidebook to help airport practitioners identify and quantify benefits, costs and the economic impact of business diversity programs.

Background (Describe the current situation or problem in the industry, and how your idea would address it.)

"Most airports are required to administer Federal Disadvantaged Business Enterprise programs which seek to provide equal opportunity for minorities and women to compete for Federally-assisted projects. Similarly, many airports and their governing bodies have enacted programs which seek to remedy the effects of discrimination and provide equal opportunity for minorities and women to participate in Airport-related business opportunities. The administration of these programs provides both tangible benefits and costs to the Airport and its surrounding communities. There has been no comprehensive benefit-cost analysis for these programs or evaluation of the economic impact from the perspective of airports.
Research is needed to provide guidance for identifying and calculating benefits and costs of airport business diversity programs on the airports and the economic impact for their larger communities. Research on this topic should provide guidance on the scope and scale of various business diversity programs and their associated costs, benefits and economic impacts.

Requested Allocation (For ACRP Use Only) $500,000

Idea No. 6