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How airports and agencies are effectively leveraging airport economic impact studies

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Many airport economic impact studies have been completed in the past 20 years. These studies, periodically updated, are used as one indicator of the growth and sustainability of the aviation industry as a whole and as key data to demonstrate the importance of an airport or group of airports to the economic growth of a state, region, or county. There appears to be no succinct source that documents utilization of these studies by the airports or agencies that finance these studies. It would be helpful to have a collection of best practices for presenting study results, success stories of the results of sharing economic impact data, and feedback on how studies are received by recipients, both intended and unintended audiences.

Background (Describe the current situation or problem in the industry, and how your idea would address it.)

Currently an economic impact study for an airport or group of airports may not be leveraged to its potential to demonstrate how it contributes to economic growth. This research would summarize how these studies have been communicated, implemented, and benefited the agencies and airports that finance the studies.

Objective (What is the desired product or result that will help the airport industry?)

A synthesis of how airports and agencies have utilized aviation economic impact studies to their advantage.

Approach (Describe in general terms the steps you think are needed to achieve the objective.)

Who has performed these studies in the past 20 years

How they have implemented use of the studies

How have the studies been received

How have the studies benefited airports and agencies

Related Research - List related ACRP and other industry research; describe gaps (see link to Research Roadmaps above), and describe how your idea would address these gaps. This is a critical element of a synthesis topic submission.

ACRP Synthesis 7 Airport Economic Impact Methods and Models (2008)



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