Research Projects

Guidebook for Rapid Airfield Concrete Pavement Slab Replacement and Patching In Reserve

The objective of this research is to produce a guidebook that gives clear and accurate guidance to airports and airport consultants on the latest and best procedures and materials available with a proven performance record of accomplishment to provide repairs and slab replacements that both ensure on-time opening to traffic and long-term durability.

This research for the guidebook will focus on two parts: Part 1 of the research will focus on the procedures for rapid concrete removal, minimizing the need to repair the base material, whether to or not to insert dowels into the existing pavement for load transfer, and the preparation required for rapid concrete paving. Part 2 of the research will focus on the selection of materials and the proper paving techniques and equipment required for placing the selected concrete material. No one material will be selected. The guidebook will list available materials, their record of accomplishment, the material properties, their long-term durability and the equipment required. Based on this guidebook information the airport and their chosen consultant can design repairs and slab replacements for the time of available closure, aircraft loading, and availability of proven materials.


Idea No. 92