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Enabling Airports to be ACR/PCR Compliant - From Design to Implementation

The new (Aircraft Classification Rating) ACR- (Pavement Classification Rating) PCR pavement strength reporting method is to be implemented by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and airports around the world are working towards ensuring that their airports are complying with the new requirements. For airports in developing countries and local airports, this can be challenging due to the availability of resources (which could be both technical and financial). This project aims to explores measures and methodologies for ensuring airports which have been using the ACN-PCN method to successfully transit into ACR-PCR method using lessons or results learnt from established research studies or findings that can be transferred to the local conditions of these airports.

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The ACR-PCR method is implemented by ICAO and is expected to be implemented by global airports from 2022. However, currently, many airports in the world especially in developing countries may not have the means to effectively ascertaining the ACR-PCR method or have a full understanding on the implication of the method to their operations. This projects aim to provide an effective synthesis of the state of the art today, and develop some toolboxes that can help airports in developing countries or local airports to work towards the ACR-PCR implementation goal.



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