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Electric Aircraft on the Horizon - Planning handbook for Airports In Reserve

Generate informed guidance for airports to plan for electric aircraft adoption. Electric aircraft could begin operating from airports within 3+ years. The aviation industry lacks a method to distinguish between marketing hype and realistic projections. A new ACRP report could provide help airports understand which sites are best suited for the viable technology associated with electric powered aircraft. Airports would gain insights regarding electric power demand scenarios and roles for airports assuming a direct supplier role. The handbook could benefits and trade-offs and introduce airport readers to the wide range of disruptions to standard practices associated with electric aircraft.


The useful research analysis could include:

1) An overview of the technology and general airport equipment requirements

2) Potential types of air service electric aircraft could cover, along with adoption rate scenarios for a range of airport types and regions

3) Ramifications for commercial service vs. general aviation airports

4) Power demand based on a range of charging options and number of aircraft

5) New airport potential revenue source by generating and supplying electricity

6) Relevant regional grid/utility regulations

7) General noise benefits

8) Air Quality emissions impact


Idea No. 78