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Digital Twin for Airports: Going Beyond BIM

Building Information Modeling is mainly used for design & construction phase of an airport project. Ultimately, if stated in the project contract requirements, as-constructed model data is transitioned to Asset Management platform used by Airport Facilities Management team. Hence, the intent of BIM is to represent a physical space digitally for construction purpose and not to address daily occupancy and utilization of an operational building. Also, BIM focuses on buildings rather than people, process and behaviors i.e., interaction of the passengers and systems with the built environment. In order to fully leverage BIM beyond construction phase and to overcome its shortfalls, a new technology - Digital Twin can be used. Digital Twin is the virtual representation of a physical building across its lifecycle which uses real-time data and other sources to enable learning, reasoning and dynamically recalibrating for improved decision making. In short, Digital Twin provides a comprehensive picture of built environment in real-time and helps in optimizing operations.

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