Research Projects

Construction Safety and Phasing Plans (CSPP): Best Practices In Reserve

The objective of this study would result in a guide of best practices and development of a checklist to assist airports in creating a CSPP. The study should poll airports, FAA inspectors, and consultants (responsible for writing CSPPs) from across the country to gain insight on their best practices for creating a CSPP. The poll should include respondents from each FAA region to take geographical differences into account. The guide of best practices should focus arouind the requirements of AC 150/5370-2G.


The guide should also look into the relationship of Airport Engineering and Airport Operations and address ways to collabrate more effectively on CSPP's. The report should look into how Airport Operations and Airport Engineering can work together in the design phase to effectively create a CSPP that will work for both of them throughout the project.


Idea No. 88