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Consequences of Delayed Maintenance of Airport Assets In Reserve

This research project will present a process for quantifying the consequences of delayed maintenance of airport assets. It will cover asset preservation policies, maintenance and budget needs, and the analyses of delayed maintenance scenarios. This process considers delayed maintenance caused by the inability to meet the owner-defined application schedule or the unavailability of the funds required to perform all needed maintenance, and expresses the consequences in terms of asset condition and the long-term costs to owners and airport users/stakeholders. Detailed descriptions of the use of the proposed process to quantify the consequences of delayed maintenance for airport assets will be provided.

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Airport owners and airlines are becoming more sophisticated in developing detailed asset management programs to help improve and extend the lifecycle of their facilities. At many airports asset maintenance needs can far exceed the budgetary resources available. Airports and airlines need a tool to be better informed on financial decisions.

Approach (Describe in general terms the steps you think are needed to achieve the objective.)

The following is based on the NCHRP report on the same topic, and may need adjusting to reflect current research and practices available at airports.

The research study can be divided into phases relating to airport assets. Phase I can include horizontal assets, and Phase II vertical assets.

The researchers will conduct an information review and online surveys to collect information relevant to the current state of practice. The information review can be used in the development of an online survey.

The research team will conduct focused phone interviews with selected airport owners based on the findings from the information review and the online survey responses. The specific objectives of the phone interviews will be:
• To identify reports and other documents relevant to the project that were not available through the regular literature review and sources;
• To identify whether airports can provide data usable in preparing realistic examples to illustrate the application of the procedures; and
• To gather practical recommendations related to the ease of implementing the procedures including data, performance models, and analytical tools.

Merging insights from the telephone interviews with information from the literature reviews, the research team will develop frameworks for the individual asset groups. Next, the team will develop and analyze a series of delayed maintenance scenarios. Decision-support and analytical tools could be used to perform the delayed maintenance scenario analyses described in the report.

Cost Estimate and Backup (Provide a cost estimate and support for how you arrived at the estimate.)

$500,000 - $600,000

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NCHRP recently released a project titled - Consequences of Delayed Maintenance of Highway Assets --

ACRP Report 138 Preventative Maintenance at General Aviation Airports Volume 1 Primer does review the necessity of PM with the intended audience of airport board members to ensure adequate funding. It looks more qualitatively than quantitatively but would be a good start.

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