Legal Aspects of Airport Programs

Compliance With, and Best Practices For, Civil Rights Requirements Applicable to Federally Funded Airports

This would provide airports with a survey of civil rights and other related laws applicable to airports, including Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)/Airport Concession DBE, the Americans With Disabilities Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, Title VI of the Civil Rights Act. The digest would include benchmarking best practices for airports in complying with such laws, such as for minority and disadvantaged business outreach, demographic data collection, limited English proficiency needs assessments, accessible ground transportation services, civil rights complaint processing, and extending nondiscrimination requirements to parties conducting business on an airport. The research would also survey technical capacity for ensuring compliance, airport awareness, and resource allocation. It would complement and cross-reference as appropriate, but not duplicate, legal research digests and studies concerning federal grant assurance requirements.

Background--State the problem and why research is necessary. Highlight the legal and regulatory issues as they specifically pertain to airports.

There does not appear to be a legal research digest on this topic. Airports seek to have sustainable growth and development. Efficient transparent compliance with civil rights requirements is increasingly important to enhance community relations and minimize potential costs of needless litigation. The intent is to address civil rights requirements affecting passengers at airports as well as concessions and fixed base operators. Stakeholders would include airport sponsors and counsel, industry groups, and consultants.

Objective--State the objective, including a brief description of the intended deliverable, which airport stakeholders are the intended audience, and how their needs will be met by the deliverable.

The goal is to raise awareness, as well as enhance compliance by federally funded airports with civil rights requirements. It would enable airports to share knowledge concerning effective best practices, technical capacity, and effective resource allocation. Stakeholders include airports and consultants advising airports as well as DBE and ACDBE companies and industry associations. .

Relevance to Airport Legal Issues--ACRP's Legal Research Program focuses on legal and regulatory challenges and issues as they specifically pertain to airports. Please describe how this topic is relevant and unique to airports such that it should be researched.

See Description above. Also this proposal is related to NCHRP Report 913, Compendium of Successful Practices, Strategies, and Resources in the US DOT DBE Program dated 2019 and Updated Survey of Laws and Regulations Applicable to Airport Commercial Ground Transportation LRD 39. It also relates to a current proposed idea, Increasing diversity and reducing airport resource requirements in airports concessions, Kathleen Padilla.

Information Sources--Organizations, individuals, or related literature.

Airports, case studies/research, and related literature.



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