Synthesis Topics

Assigned to Ian Todreas
Last Edited by Mike Salamone

Benefits of Arts to Airports and Stakeholders

Airports of all sizes have the potential to introduce more art experiences into the traveler space, but few know why they should care and how to accomplish this. Partnerships with arts associations, artists, civic cultural leaders and airports are few and poorly documented or understood. The objective of this research would be to: • Research benefits of integrating art experiences into travelers' spaces at airports • Document successful partnerships among arts providers and airports • Document stages at which airports could easily and optimally introduce arts experiences (e.g., as part of renovations, expansions, new construction, etc.) • Quantify (to the extent possible) the benefits of more art experiences in airports to airports, travelers, host communities, and arts providers • Provide guidance to airports on how to integrate more art experiences into airports.


Idea No. 14