Research Projects

Aviation Symbol System & Guidelines

Research and develop a universal Aviation Symbol Signs System for the airport/travel sector that is comprehensive, rigorously tested, and industry accepted, as well as provide guidelines for their best use in airports. The focus will be on pedestrian wayfinding and safety related symbols. Process should be based on a global approach with U.S. airport application.


The objective is to produce an aviation symbol library and report that can provide:


o Consistent application of a symbol system with high comprehension to travelers.

o Practical Solutions to problems faced every day by airport operators.

o Bridge Communication Language Barriers for non-English speaking travelers.

o Royalty-free Resource materials that exist in the public domain.

o Non-Mandatory, Up-to-date Reference Work with the potential to inform future, as well as current sign implementations.

o Simple, Low-cost Documentation and high-resolution source material/artwork for accurate reproduction & easy dissemination.

o Standards & Protocols for ongoing R&D to meet rapidly evolving airport technologies & needs.

o Encourage & Commence Contact between airports, agencies, companies, designers, & sign-makers to address needs as they arise in a more timely manner.



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