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Airside Planning, Design and operations: Electronic Resources Library In Reserve

The objectives of this research project are to:

• Create an electronic resources library – preferably a website. This searchable electronic library should provide an inventory of available publications including the abstracts and index of ACRP research documents and non-ACRP research documents related to airside planning, design and operations.

• Recommend a process for keeping the website up-to-date.

• Identify which of the related ACRP documents should be updated. If updates or additional research are needed, propose problem statements for future consideration.

• Recommend a process for keeping these ACRP documents up-to-date.


The final deliverable should include:

• An electronic resource (preferably a website);

• A detailed manual for facilitating the management and update of the electronic resources library, as well as all the documents and files used for designing and implementing the library;

• A report on the continuous update process for the electronic resources library and the related ACRP documents.


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