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Airport Emergency Plan & Pandemic Response

Cancelation of flights should be an independent airport decision rather than waiting for the government

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After all, is said and done, we in the aviation industry will have to come up with some proactive ideas and SOP's to tackle a pandemic this scale. This has affected every facet of the aviation industry and the economic impact will be immense. As an airport emergency response expert, I draw an analogy to Far Part 139 Airport Emergency Response angle: "saving lives and minimizing damage to property". Next time around airlines and airports should take the lead in closing airports and canceling flights so that we do not commit the same mistake as we did this time. Due to the non-cancelation of flights, this epidemic became pandemic.

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We need to make sure that our airside, landside operations are trained for such an outbreak and ARFF is proactively involved in recurrent training as well.

As airport administrators, when updating the Airport Emergency Plan (AEP) we will need to add a section on pandemics and how the major stakeholders especially airlines will need to take a very proactive stance in dealing with this.

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FAA Part 139

Chapter 1 Airport Emergency Plan

1-2 DEFINITION. An airport emergency is any occasion or instance, natural or man-made that warrants action to save lives and protects property and public health. The AEP should address those emergencies that occur on or directly impact, an airport or adjacent property that:

a. is within the authority and responsibility of the airport to respond; or

b. may present a threat to the airport because of the proximity of the emergency to the airport; or

c. where the airport has responsibilities under local/regional emergency plans and by mutual aid agreements.

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ICAO Annex 9 Standard 8.16 A Contracting State shall establish a national aviation plan in preparation for an outbreak of a communicable disease posing a public health risk or public health emergency of international concern. But I could not find anything with relationship how individual airports could force airlines to cancel flights from the source of the pandemic.



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