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ACRP Project 11-02/Task 43 Quick Response: Successful Community Integration of Advanced Air Mobility trending idea Edited

Summary :

Research Field: Special Projects

Allocation: $100,000

Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) includes the use of highly automated aircraft to transport passengers and cargo at lower altitudes. Activity will likely include commercial inter-city travel, cargo delivery, public services, and private/recreational use. The initial ecosystem will utilize existing facilities (airports, heliports), but in the future, new, dedicated facilities will likely be developed. ACRP and others are conducting research to help airports and communities understand the potential benefits, challenges, facility needs, and impacts of AAM activity. ACRP Project 03-50: An Airport-Centric Study of the Urban Air Mobility Market, will assess potential impacts of UAM at airports and help them understand potential opportunities and planning considerations. ACRP will also be hosting an Insight Event that will cover on-demand aviation services for passengers and goods in early 2022. Yet the very nature of AAM and the high degree of uncertainty relative to its adoption require robust coordination and planning among airports, regulators, and communities.

The objective of this research is to conduct a quick response effort to summarize the current state of practice with regard to community, airport, and agency coordination relative to AAM activity and to recommend steps stakeholders can take to successfully integrate and benefit from AAM activity in their communities.

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