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ACRP Project 10-34 Airport Microgrid Toolkit Upgrade to ACRP WebResource

Summary :

Research Field: Operations

Allocation: $100,000

ACRP published Research Report 228: Airport Microgrid Implementation Toolkit in 2021. The toolkit has a suite of reference materials and guidance to help airports consider, plan for, and implement microgrid solutions at their facility. The toolkit itself includes modules covering microgrid basics, airport energy profiles, resilience, stakeholder engagement, energy options, finance and ownership, as well as operations and maintenance. The toolkit currently is not hosted by ACRP, and research is needed to identify the upgrades and steps needed to migrate the site to an ACRP WebResource and to carry out the actual migration.

The objective of this research is to upgrade and migrate the Airport Microgrid Implementation Toolkit to an ACRP WebResource.




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