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ACRP Project 03-67 Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing Challenges and Opportunities at Airports

Summary :

Research Field: Policy & Planning

Allocation: $400,000

Peer-to-peer car sharing companies allow individuals to make their personal vehicles available for rent by others through an app. Peer-to-peer car sharing activity continues to grow across the US, but there is little data on how much of this activity occurs at airports. It is a potential concern for airports, as it may result in lost revenue, and may impact airport facilities. Yet airports have had limited success in tracking and regulating peer-to-peer car sharing activity, recovering potential impact costs, and addressing legal challenges.

The objective of this research is to help airports understand the peer-to-peer car sharing market, develop estimates of its growth at their airport, identify potential facility and financial impacts, consider options for obtaining revenue from the activity, and address potential legal issues.




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