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ACRP Project 03-65 ACRP Policy and Planning Product Updates

Summary :

Research Field: Policy & Planning

Allocation: $500,000

Since its inception, ACRP has produced hundreds of research reports, tools, databases, and other products. Recognizing the dynamic nature of the airport industry and the need to ensure that the program's products reflect the latest in practice, the program developed a systematic process to identify the products most in need of updating. To date, this process has been applied to ACRP's environmental products. ACRP will now use the process to review the nearly 60 products related to airport policy and planning, some of which are now more than 10 years old. Research is needed to review the suite of policy and planning products, identify those most in need of updating, and conduct an update of the highest priority products.

The objective of this research is to review ACRP's suite of policy and planning products to identify those in need of updating and to undertake updates of the highest priority products.

Note: $50,000 of this allocated amount will be used to fund a project to identify policy and planning products needing update; the remaining funds may be available for one or more projects to conduct the product updates.




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